Her Boss Kept Stealing Her Commissions so She Made Sure She Wouldn’t Earn Any Herself

A car saleswoman torpedoed one of her boss’s deals before quitting because the boss kept stealing her commissions. This is the definition of petty revenge.

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The woman worked at one of those high-finance car dealers, where people end up paying $25,000 for a $2,500 car over five years.

This woman’s sales manager was a real shark. She said all the right things about working as a team and being in it together. But when it came to selling, she was ruthless. She didn’t care who she had to step on to steal a deal or bump up her commission.

“She stole EVERY sale she could get away with from me,” stated the woman on Reddit. “She hated every single sale I made because, in her head, it should have been her extra commission on her next check.”

She watched her steal sale after sale. Then, one day, the sales manager crossed the line, poaching one of this woman’s potential deals by badmouthing her to the customer.

The woman was livid. A couple of days passed, and she still hadn’t calmed down. And that was a sign; she needed to quit.

But not before getting some payback on her rival.

The perfect opportunity presented itself a few days later.

The customer that the sales manager stole was being really difficult. No matter what the sales manager did, she couldn’t seem to satisfy her or close the deal.

The sales manager kept loudly complaining that this deal sucked, that she had put in loads of work, and the customer was a real pain in the you-know-where.

But finally, it looked like she was about to close.

The saleswoman spent all day preparing the car, making it look perfect for when the woman showed up to make her final decision later that afternoon.

The customer turned up with her grown-up son. And it soon became clear that they still weren’t ready to buy.

“The boss was super mad,” posted the woman. “She dropped her nice sales lady routine and outright tried to badger them into this car.”

Amazingly, it worked. Or at least it almost did.

This woman could see they were on the verge of saying yes. And she realized it was the perfect time to get her revenge.

“I get in my car, and as I’m leaving forever, I pull beside them and roll my window down and say, ‘Don’t let her bully you into buying anything you don’t want. It’s your money; you don’t have to get anything unless YOU want it, not ’cause she decided for you.'”

She could tell her message was getting through. So she pushed a bit further, telling the customer and her son to shop around for a better deal.

Then she pulled up on the other side of the street and soaked up her sweet revenge.

“I see my boss walk out smiling ’cause she thinks it’s a done deal, and I sat long enough at the exit to see the smile wiped right off her stupid, greedy face.”

Reddit users loved this woman’s style, even if it was petty as hell.

“Well done,” posted one person. “Was definitely a sucky job. Glad you got back at her in an extremely petty way.”

“Good for you,” posted another. “What a frustrating and soul-sucking job!”

What do you think? Was this sweet revenge or petty behavior?

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