He Tried To Access His Girlfriend’s Laptop and Got Angry When He Realized She Changed the Password

A man recently asked the Reddit community if he was wrong for trying to access his girlfriend’s laptop because she wouldn’t tell him her secret author’s pen name.

He is what he had to say.

Pen name
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The man, 32, has been dating his girlfriend, Siobhan, for about six months. She’s always been a bit vague about what she does for a living, but the man knows she writes and works from home.

Recently, one of her friends accidentally mentioned something about her work, and the guy finally got his girlfriend to admit that she’s an author. She writes and self-publishes romance and erotica novels, and although she doesn’t make a lot of money, she is able to make a living.

“I googled her name and couldn’t find anything, so I confronted her about this,” he said.

The girlfriend told him that she writes under a pen name, so he demanded that she give it to him so he could read her work. 

The girlfriend didn’t want him to find out because she didn’t want her name leaked, even by accident. She also made it clear that no one knows her pen name.

He said, “I accused her of not trusting me, and she still refused, which was really annoying.”

He then tried the nice-guy approach and told her that he wanted to know what her fantasies were so he could try them out with her. She responded that she doesn’t really write about her fantasies, she just writes for her readers, and she was not going to tell him.

The man, determined to find out her pen name, then went to check her laptop late at night, but she had changed her password before going to bed.

The next day, the man told his girlfriend that he was annoyed that she had changed her password and that it was clear that she didn’t trust him. He felt he had a right to know what she wrote, especially since it was a sensitive topic, and he felt like he didn’t know her if he didn’t know her pen name.

The girlfriend was furious that he had tried to open her laptop, and she told him to go home. 

The man said, “before leaving, I told her when she calls to apologize, I expect to get her pen name with the apology.

The girlfriend called him a jerk and hasn’t been in contact since.

The man’s sister tells him that he is in the wrong, but he doesn’t see it at all.

He, therefore, asked the Reddit community what they thought, and unfortunately for him, they sided with the girlfriend.

One user said, “he accused her of not trusting him when he went behind her back. He is totally unhinged.”

Another said, “he basically says she didn’t give me what I wanted, so I tried to manipulate the information out of her. That girl def dodged a bullet.”

What do you think about the man’s actions? 

Source: Reddit

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