He Asked a Daycare Teacher To Help Style His 3-Year-Old Daughter’s Hair and Now His Ex-Wife Is Fuming

A man recently asked the Reddit community if he was wrong for asking a teacher at his daughter’s daycare to help style her hair in the mornings. Hi’s ex-wife is now angry with him, and he’s not sure if she’s being unreasonable.

Here’s what happened.

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The man is a newly divorced dad of a three-year-old girl. He was granted joint custody with his ex-wife and usually pick his daughter up every other week.

Caring for a little girl can be quite challenging for a single dad, even for only a few days during the month. One of the man’s problems was grooming his daughter’s hair. “My ex-wife used to take care of our daughter’s curly hair. Now that I’m alone with her sometimes, I try to figure out how to style it, but her hair end ups being a frizzy, tangled mess,” he said. 

Determined to get a quick solution, he made a proposal to a teacher that works at the daycare. He observed that the woman had a similar hair texture to that of his daughter, so he asked if she could assist in styling his daughter’s hair. The woman agreed, provided he could drop her off early enough. She also gave him some tips on how to wash her hair at home and a list of hair products he needed to provide. He decided to drop his daughter off at 8.20 am instead of the usual 8.45 am. 

The arrangement seemed to be working fine. He was able to drop her off in time for the teacher to style her hair for school. After some weeks, he received a surprising call from his ex-wife. Apparently, his daughter had informed her that the teacher had been styling her hair and she wasn’t pleased about it. So, she called him to express her disappointment in him for dropping their daughter off half an hour earlier so he could avoid doing her hair. 

“She called me a bad parent for relying on a teacher to do my job and for messing up the morning routine so I could drop our daughter off earlier,” she said. She also criticized him for making their daughter eat breakfast in the car instead of at home, as it was previously done.

The man felt he was doing the right thing by ensuring their daughter’s hair was properly cared for. He also mentioned that he was still working on learning how to style her hair.

The story received mixed reactions from online readers.

A user said, “It’s okay if the teacher doesn’t mind, and it’s quite generous of her. I’ll advise you to get her to teach you how to style the hair in case you don’t find another nice teacher.”

Another user said, “This is a situation where a man has lower standards to meet than a woman. Imagine if every single mum was letting their teacher do their child’s hair because they can’t handle it?”

What do you think? Is the man justified in arranging with the teacher to do his child’s hair? Did his ex-wife overreact?

Source: Reddit

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