Entitled Woman Demanded to Pet His Service Dog but Ends Up Getting Arrested

A young man recently took to Reddit to explain a difficult situation involving his service dog and an entitled woman who demanded he let her daughter pet his dog.

Here’s what he had to say.

entitled woman
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“I’m autistic and really don’t handle confrontation well,” he says.

The young man was going into the city one day, and alongside him was his border collie called Storm.

Storm was being trained as a psychiatric assistance dog and was near the end of his training and was doing well. However, the young man and his trainer still wanted him to get more familiar with different sounds, sights, and environments, so they would train him to go into buildings, onto planes, and trains.

Seeing as the dog was in training, it was important that no one touched him while he was out and about. So the trainer had organized passes and a letter to show people in case they wanted to interact with the dog.

So on this day, the man showed the letter to the security guard on the train, who then kindly sat near them the entire time.

Storm was doing great and laid under the man’s legs which he had been trained to do.

At the first stop, a woman and her daughter also boarded. The journey was going just fine, but then the little girl suddenly noticed Storm.

She said to her mom, “that man has a dog. Can I pat it”?

The man couldn’t really make out what the mom said, but the little girl came over anyway and asked if she could pat the dog. 

The man shook his head in a friendly manner and said no. “Sorry, he’s currently training to be an assistance dog, and it’s very important that no one interferes with him,” he told the girl. 

The girl’s mother called her daughter back, gave the man a stern look, and said, “unfortunately, some people don’t know how to share.”

The man didn’t react, but Storm was trained to sense his anxiety and so got up to comfort his owner. The man rewarded his dog for taking care of him, so he gave Storm a treat. 

The situation then escalated as the woman walked up to the man and said, “you should be teaching him to interact with children, my daughter just wanted to give him a pat, and you rewarding him for ignoring her is just plain rude.”

The man explained the circumstances and that he was rewarding Storm for doing his job, not for ignoring the little girl. He then gave Storm another treat, but the woman grabbed it out of his hand, gave it to the dog, and said, “good boy.”

This was too much for the man. “Get away from me!” he screamed and began crying.

The guard must have called the police because when the train stopped at the next station, police officers boarded the train and moved the woman and her daughter to the next carriage. 

However, this was not the end of it. 

As the train approached the city, the little girl reappeared and tried to pat Storm. Not only that, but she tried to grab the dog’s leash, shouting that her mother had said that she could. The man told the girl, “I told you no,” and commanded Storm to lie down.

Being a good dog, Storm obeyed and went to lie down underneath a seat away from the little girl.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, the mother appeared and pushed the man! In self-defense, the man pushed her back, and she fell over. 

Police arrived on the scene in a matter of seconds.

Unsurprisingly, the woman got arrested for interfering with a service animal, and Storm and his owner was asked to fill out a police report.

Source: Reddit

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