Online Scammer Stole His Money So He Found A Clever Way To Get Back At Him

Nobody likes to get scammed, so remember this story the next time you buy something online from someone you don’t know.

Here’s what happened.

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This guy was into games and was always looking for something to buy. He wasn’t looking for anything in particular, but one day decided to look through the Letgo app to check out what people were selling.

Then, something caught his eye, and it seemed like a good deal. A Nintendo 3DS for only $20! Furthermore, it had several games installed, “like Mario Kart, Mario 3D World, and other AAA games,” the guy said.

He got very excited but didn’t have a lot of money. $15 was actually all he could afford.

The guy decided to try his luck anyhow and messaged the seller. To his surprise, the seller agreed on the $15, and they arranged to meet at the local mall.

The transaction went down just fine. The man saw two men in a car in the parking lot and handed his cash through the car window. The two men passed him the 3DS in a case and then drove off.

And that’s when things started going sour.

Walking back through the mall, the guy took the 3DS out of the case and tried to turn it on. Nothing. No power. He wasn’t that alarmed at first, being quite a trusting person.

He figured it probably needed to charge. He went into a game store in the mall, and they let him borrow a charger.

Still nothing.

He messaged the seller to let him know, but instead of apologizing, the seller just said, “yep, it’s dead,” and then blocked him!

Now the guy was raging. Sure, it was only $15, but he had well and truly been scammed. What would stop the man from pulling a similar trick on another unsuspecting buyer?

He was so mad that he decided there was no way he would let this man get away with robbing him of his last $15. So, he came up with a plan. He was going to scam the scammer.

He looked at the seller’s listing again and saw that, as well as games, the seller was also selling a green-tinted glass bong. Using a different number, the man contacted the seller again, pretending to be someone else. He offered the man twice what he was asking for the bong.

But here was the catch. The seller would have to meet him at a mall about 20 miles out. The greedy scammer agreed. Meanwhile, the guy, of course, had no intention of meeting him there at all. He just wanted the seller to drive in vain, lose time and money on gas, and get a taste of his own medicine.

A few hours later, the messages from the seller started coming through. At first, he seemed calm, but eventually, the scammer was raging.

The guy was calm about the whole situation and ended up replying, “that’s what you get for selling me a broken 3DS”.

And the cherry on top? The guy made $40 selling the 3DS for parts.

Source: Reddit

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