A High Schooler Pretends To Get Fired Whenever Customers Are Mean to Her at Work but Her Friends Think It’s Wrong

A girl recently asked the Reddit community if she was wrong for pretending to lose her job whenever she encountered a difficult customer.

Here’s what she had to say.

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The girl is a high schooler who usually works at a coffee shop on weekends. 

She has two co-workers: James, the shop owner’s son, also the shift manager, and Danielle, a college student who works on weekends sometimes. 

Her relationship with her manager is cordial, and James is a friendly guy.

Work was going great, except when customers got angry over insignificant things. 

They literally blew up over nothing serious.

“I don’t know if they are usually in a bad mood already, but it’s a lot. Like, how sad can you be as a grown-up taking your anger out on high school and college kids?” she said.  

She decided to team up with James, and they devised a plan to get the angry customers off her back.

One day while she was at work, a guy lost his cool over the temperature of his coffee. “He got very upset about how we didn’t make his coffee hot enough, which I couldn’t do a thing about because I gave it to him right out of the machine,” she said.

So James stepped in and asked if there was a problem, and the man started ranting at him as well. So, he turned to her and said, “This is unacceptable. You’re fired.”

She played along and started acting like she was sad. She said, “please don’t fire me. My family needs the money. I need this job, pleaseeee.” 

James kept up with the act and told her to take off her apron and leave the building immediately.

At this point, the angry customer started to feel guilty and told James that it wasn’t a big deal and he didn’t need to fire her over the issue. James responded, saying, “No, we pride ourselves on providing the best customer service.”  

The girl and James were pleased with the success of their prank and did it a couple more times. Danielle wasn’t left out of the fun. Whenever a customer lost their temper at her, James would storm in with the girl, and he usually “fired” both of them.

It worked almost every time. Customers who came into the shop in a bad mood usually ended up apologizing and saying they didn’t mean to lose their temper.        

“It’s kind of satisfying making people realize that their actions might actually have consequences,” she said.

She shared the story with her friends at school, and to her surprise, a few of them thought that her actions were wrong. They didn’t think it was fair to let someone believe they got someone who desperately needed money fired.

She didn’t see anything wrong with it, after all, it was just a joke to get mean customers to feel remorseful.        

She asked the Reddit community for advice. Was she in the wrong?

One user said, “you are not being mean. It’s a perfect way to deal with hostile customers.”

Another said, “I think it’s hilarious, and maybe it’ll teach some people a lesson about controlling their temper and treating workers better.”

What do you think? Is the young woman wrong for pranking the customers?

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