She Went on Vacation for A Few Days, but When She Got Back She Found out Her Mother-In-Law Had Reorganized Her Room

This woman’s mother-in-law reorganized her craft room while she was on vacation. Then her husband lied about it. She’s furious, but they say they were only trying to help. Read her story to find out what happened.

They moved into a new house

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“We moved a few months ago,” explains the woman. Most of the house is sorted now, but she still has some boxes stacked in her craft room.

Her husband offered to help

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Her husband asked if she wanted help organizing the room. She politely refused. “I don’t want anyone else messing with my stuff,” explained the woman.

She packed in a special way

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She wasn’t being awkward; she just had a specific system in place. “I intentionally packed it so that I could reorganize it whenever I unpacked,” she said. “It would be more difficult for someone who doesn’t know what they’re looking at to go through it all.”

They went on vacation

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The couple set off for a few days’ vacation to relax and chill. When they returned, the woman noticed that someone had moved her boxes.

She confronted him

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She had a sneaking suspicion that her husband had gotten his mom, her mother-in-law, to reorganize the room while they were away. But he denied it, saying he’d hired a moving company instead.

It was a mess

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She didn’t believe him. It looked like a real amateur job. “It’s the most disorganized mess I’ve ever seen, so poorly done,” explained the woman.

She pressed him

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She asked her husband for the name of the moving company. But he was being super vague, which made her even more suspicious. He kept saying, “It was this company he found on Facebook.”

She played detective

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So she checked his phone. And sure enough, the messages confirmed her suspicions. The mother-in-law had done it. Her husband had lied right to her face.

She was mad

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“I actually don’t know if she just decided to do it or if he asked her,” said the woman. Either way, she was so upset about it and feels betrayed by both of them.

They conspired against her

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The more messages she read, the angrier she got. “He messaged her not to worry and that he would take the fall if I ever found out,” shared the hurt woman.

She admitted snooping

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The woman admits that snooping through someone’s phone is a breach of trust. But, in her mind, what choice did she have? Plus, her suspicions were justified.

She feels guilty

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And she feels guilty for shouting at her husband and mother-in-law over something that may seem so petty. So, who is the villain in this story? That’s what she wants to know. “Am I the jerk?” she asked.

People showed support

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“No,” said one person. “That is such a violation of your space and your clearly stated wishes for your craft supplies. I have to wonder why your husband did this when he knew it was not what you wanted. His lying is a problem.”

“Getting his mother to do this was a major breach of trust,” said another person. “Lying about it is worse. Planning to lie about it before the event is unforgivable. I would never be able to trust either of them again.”


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