6 Benefits Of Braiding Curly Hair (What To Know)

Curly hair can be difficult to manage but did you know that braiding hair can actually help improve your curl pattern? In this article, I’ll go through six of the most important benefits of braiding curly hair and teach you just how to do so.

Benefits Of Braiding Curly Hair

Do Braids Help Curly Hair?

Braids can help retain the length of curly hair while also protecting the scalp and avoid split ends. Less brushing means less breakage and braids can even help improve your curl pattern.

Braids are a protective hairstyle that helps to keep textured hair healthy.

It does this by reducing the hair’s exposure to environmental hazards like sun, cold, and heat, and therefore also helps hair to retain moisture.

But even if you don’t have textured hair (by that, we mean hair with type 4C coils) and have curly hair, wearing braids has a number of benefits.

Plus, braids come in different styles, so you don’t even have to stick to the same old look.

You can choose a French braid, fishtail braid, three-strand braid, and other styles like box braids and cornrows.

Just remember never to wear braids that are too tight.

If you do, you’ll be stressing your scalp and hair follicles, which will likely result in some breakage at the crown of your hair.

This will have the opposite of the desired effect, as it will reduce hair growth and impact overall scalp and hair health.

6 Benefits Of Braiding Curly Hair

a young woman braiding another woman's natural hair

1. Locks in moisture

Between temperature changes and UV damage from the sun, there are a number of ways that curly and textured hair can lose moisture.

One of the main benefits of braiding curly hair is that it helps to lock this moisture in – and if you wear your hair in braids and use a nourishing oil or mask too, then you’ll notice double the benefits.

2. Reduces frizz and split ends

As with locking in moisture, another of the benefits of braiding curly hair is in reducing its tendency to frizz. This works for curly, straight, and textured hair too.

When wearing braids, it helps to reduce your hair’s exposure to factors like humidity and rainwater, both of which can increase frizz.

Because your hair is less exposed to these hazards and stressors, it’s, therefore, less likely to dehydrate and break, meaning fewer split ends.

3. Reduces friction when you sleep

If you’re a big one for tossing and turning in your sleep, then you’ll already know the havoc that this can wreak on your hair.

There is a number of solutions to reducing the friction between your head and the pillow, but one of the best ways is to sleep with your hair in loose braids.

Don’t forget that sleeping on silk or satin, or using a silk or satin bonnet overnight, is another way of reducing friction between your head and the pillow.

4. Offers protection for hair growth and scalp health

As described above, braids of any kind are a protective hairstyle, meaning they have various benefits for curly and textured hair.

In order for your hair to grow, your scalp needs to be healthy. One of the best ways to do so is by wearing your hair in braids – provided that they’re not too tight.

Braids that are too tight will pull on your scalp and stress the hair follicles, limiting hair growth.

5. Mix and match your style

You may be thinking ‘yeah, okay, I get all these benefits of braiding curly hair, but it’s a bit boring wearing the same hairstyle over and over again’.

We agree – and that’s why we love braids so much. Whether your hair is curly or not, there are plenty of braids to try out.

You could opt for a classic, go for the popular fishtail, or even try a completely unusual look – we’re thinking Katniss Everdeen-style. The braid is super versatile.

6. Low maintenance

If you’ve got textured hair and are looking for a low-maintenance style, braids have so many benefits.

You can literally roll out of bed and get on with your day, meaning that you save essential time and effort on haircare.

They’re also a long-lasting hairstyle, provided you put in the important TLC.

Even if your hair is curly or straight, wearing braids can be a great way of adding a little extra volume and curl to your locks. Plus, it gets them out of the way if that’s your priority, whilst still looking cute.

Is It Better To Braid Curly Hair When Wet Or Dry?

A woman with long braided curly hair sitting on a bed smiling

You can braid curly hair when it’s wet or dry, depending on your preference and the look you’re going for.

Remember that curly hair is likely to be easier to braid when it’s wet because it will be detangled and therefore easier to part into sections.

If you braid your hair in the evening after showering and then sleep with your hair in braids overnight, your hair will pick up a natural curl pattern, which can boost your natural coils and waves.

That said, braiding curly hair when it’s dry is also completely fine, but you might not notice as much of an impact on your natural curl pattern.

Bear in mind that it might be harder to section dry hair, however.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is sleeping in braids good for curly hair?

Sleeping in braids is one of the best ways of boosting your natural curl pattern if you have curly hair. It also has the added benefit of reducing friction between your head and the pillow, which means you’ll wake up with less frizz.

How can I bring out my natural curls?

Bringing out your natural curls will require a little effort, but it’s completely worth it. From using a diffuser and the correct haircare products through to braiding your hair, there are a number of ways to bring out your natural curls.

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