“Aimed to Disarm the Lawful”: Americans Angered Over Biden’s Executive Order 

The newly announced White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention aiming to reduce gun violence has caused widespread anxiety, with warnings that “it is not aimed at all to stop violence”.

Kamala Harris leading efforts

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The Vice President, described in the White House’s statement as a “key leader in the Biden-Harris Administration’s effort to end our nation’s gun violence epidemic”, will oversee the new office. Other key figures joining the move include gun violence advisor Stephanie Feldman and gun violence prevention advocate Rob Wilcox. 

Biden boasts of cross-party support

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In the statement, President Biden celebrated signing “the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act to keep guns out of dangerous hands”. He added that he has “taken more executive action than any President in history to keep communities safe.” The President then admitted that “they are just the first steps toward what is needed.”

Point of no return

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In a White House speech on the newly formed office, President Biden described hearing the same response after every mass shooting: “Do something”. He then said the country had reached the point “where the safety of our kids from gun violence is on the ballot”. 

Year one of the “Bipartisan Safer Communities Act”

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The new law passed last year included expanded access to mental health services, including additional funding to expand the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline, as well as tightening gun control laws. The act extended background checks for firearm purchases of those under 21 years old, allocated further funding to crisis intervention programs, and further criminalized arms trafficking.

Biden wants more

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In the White House statement, the President calls for further action from Congress, including a ban on assault weapons, background checks for every gun sale and enacting his proposed Safer America Plan. Time magazine and others criticized the plan for not tackling the root cause of violence. 

Not tough on crime

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Many people thought the new order didn’t target the right group. One person questioned, “Nothing to stop actual criminals… using taxation to limit rights as well… how odd…”. 

It won’t work

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Some thought criminals would shoot other people regardless of new laws. One said, “When are they ever going to realize that all the laws in the world will not stop bad people from shooting others. Nor will it stop criminals from getting whatever weapons they want.”

Guns aren’t the problem

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One person argued that the person pulling the trigger is to blame. They argued, “There has never been a gun problem, problems exist when a gun is in the wrong hands. A gun never bothered a soul.”

It goes after the good guys

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There was widespread frustration that this was another announcement aimed at ordinary citizens. One person complained, “We already have “common sense gun laws” on the books. You’ll never get guns off the streets by penalizing law-abiding, responsible gun owners.”

Same old trick

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Others reacted with weary resignation. They lamented, “Joe’s executive order is going to reduce gun violence? This is great news! He should have issued an executive order banning murder on day one! Oh, wait, this will do nothing, same as always.”

Actions speak louder than words

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Many people supported the President’s efforts to reduce gun violence. One said, “Whether people want to admit it or not, gun violence is rampant in our country. Something needs to be done. If it requires reducing gun production and sales, or requiring stiff background checks, so be it. Action needs to be taken. Just talking about gun violence doesn’t stop it.”

Not just guns causing violence 

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Some suggested quality-of-life improvements would help more. One said, “I’m gonna go out on a limb and suggest that increasing the minimum wage and expanding Medicare to everyone would go a long way towards reducing all kinds of violence.”

Gangs are a big part of the problem

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One person thought that gun violence ultimately was caused by drugs, arguing, “Fix the drug problem, you fix part of the gang problem. Fix the gang problem, you fix the vast majority of gun violence.”

Biden shooting himself in the foot

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Some questioned the timing of this announcement. One person said, “The democrats doubling down on their most unpopular position immediately before an election. That’s a bold strategy.”

Call to arms

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For one person, this announcement was all the more reason for gun ownership. They stated, “With criminal hugging democrats in charge, we all better have firearms for personal protection.”

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