This Woman Attempted To Get Flawless Skin Following a Viral Hack but It Went Horribly Wrong

A TikTok user recently shared a video on how her skin was ruined by a beauty hack she had seen trending online.

The hack is known as facial dermaplaning and is used as a DIY treatment to get rid of peach fuzz and exfoliate the skin. Usually done by professional dermatologists, the procedure involves gently scraping your face with a sharp scalpel to remove tiny hairs and the epidermis, the very top layer of your skin. 

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While the treatment is best done by a dermatologist, it is possible to buy these scalpels in drugstores, hence the trending beauty hack. 

TikTok user Natalie (@nataliesoutlet) revealed that she had tried dermaplaning at home, and it did absolutely not go to plan.

In her video, she said:” So, I ruined my skin with this beauty hack, and here’s how. As a hairy Latina, I got curious, and I thought hey, why don’t I just shave my face? It’s been done before. Why not? Well, it did not work for me”.

Natalie explains that the treatment initially left her skin glowing and looked amazing, but then, hell broke loose.

“it’s all bumpy; it hurts; it’s hot.” 

Natalie shows the damage to her face in the video, and it’s very easy to see just how badly her skin reacted. 

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Luckily, after plenty of skin treatments, she was able to get her skin back in good condition. 

Although this beauty hack did not work for Natalie, many of her commenters questioned whether she had done it correctly and taken all the necessary safety precautions.

One commenter noted: “To do dermaplaning, you should lubricate your skin first, with oil to be on the safe side, or use anti-inflammatory ingredients to calm down the skin.”

Other users explained: “You’re not supposed to put makeup on after” and “it’s important to clean your face beforehand and use a clean dermaplane razor.” 

Many other followers, however, fully understood Natalie’s pain as they, too, had tried the beauty hack and seen bad results.

“This happened to me. I haven’t stopped breaking out since and got bad hyperpigmentation, spent so much on skincare, so sad, I can’t fix the damage”. 

Another comment said: “There are literally bumps all over my skin where there weren’t yesterday. I saw this video too late.”

Natalie concludes her video by stating: “The moral of the story, Leave it to the professionals and don’t try every beauty hack you see online.” 

And we couldn’t agree more. Although dermaplaning does work, it is not recommended for all skin types, and it is always recommended that you visit a dermatologist to avoid any damage to your face. 


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