10 Key Messages Every Parent Should Share with Their Kids

Author Barb Schmidt and Writer Michelle Maros, co-hosts of the Barb Knows Best podcast, recently shared a post on Instagram, revealing the ten things that parents should tell their kids more often:

I Made a Mistake. I’m Sorry.

sad child
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As adults, it’s important to own up to your mistakes and apologize to your child if you’re in the wrong.

It’s OK If We Don’t Agree. I Appreciate Your Honesty.

Its OK if we don't agree
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Many parents believe in the ‘my way or the highway approach,’ but teaching your child to express their opinions early on can help them develop argumentative skills that are invaluable in the workplace.

I Like Spending Time With You.

I like spending time with you
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It may be easy for adults to pick up behavioral cues, but don’t expect your child to do so. Telling them that you like spending time with them will make them feel loved. 

Can We Talk About What Happened? I Want To Understand Your Side.

Can we talk
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Encouraging your child to talk about uncomfortable situations will make them feel like they can always come to you whenever they’re in trouble. 

I Don’t Know. Let’s Figure It Out Together.

I dont know
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You may be the parents, but that doesn’t mean you have all the answers. By admitting that you’re unsure how to fix a specific problem, you avoid lying to your child and even making the wrong decision. You’re showing them that their opinion matters by allowing them to be part of the decision-making process. 

I’m So Grateful You’re In My Life.

So grateful
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Words mean a great deal to children, especially to those whose love language is words of affirmation. Telling your children that you’re grateful to have them in your life will make them feel loved and increase their sense of self-worth.

I Forgive You.

I forgive you
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When children get in trouble, they are often scared of their parent’s reaction. By letting your children know that you forgive them, they can let go of any trauma the event may have caused and move on with their lives. Also, remember, they’re kids, and they’re still learning.

Let’s Pause This Conversation And Come Back To It. I Need To Take A Break.

Let's Pause This Conversation
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One of the best things you can do as a parent is to stay calm no matter how difficult it may be. It is so easy to start a screaming match when arguing. Deciding to step away from the conversation to compose yourself will teach your child to react logically rather than emotionally. It will also give them a moment to reflect on what has been said.  

I Can See That You’re Really Trying. I’m Proud Of You.

I Can See That You're Really Trying
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You never want to see your child upset, but not everyone can finish first in every race. If your child is having a hard time at school or with a particular skill, tell them it’s OK and that you’re proud of them for simply trying. There’s then the option to try again until they get it right or quit if the task is too much. By showing your child that it’s OK to fail, you’re also showing them that it’s the only way to get back up. 

I Will Always Love You No Matter What.

I Will Always Love You No Matter What
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Telling your child that you will love them no matter what is the best way to instill trust and a special bond between you. It will make them feel safe, and if they’re in trouble, they know they can count on you. 

So there you have it, 10 things that all children need to hear. Can you think of any others?

Here’s the full video from Barb Schmidt and Michelle Maros.

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