6 Tips for Dealing With Manipulators That Actually Work

Manipulators can make you feel like you’re walking on eggshells, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We’ve outlined six practical tips below to help you recognize and neutralize manipulative behavior.

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What Are the Key Signs That You’re Dealing With a  Manipulator?

Manipulators can be very hard to deal with because they often use subtle and sneaky methods to control and exploit others. They can be skilled at manipulating emotions and thoughts to suit their own agenda, and they can be very convincing.

Here are some key signs that you may be dealing with a manipulator:

  • They use flattery and charm to gain trust and control over others.
  • They use emotional manipulation to exploit others’ feelings and vulnerabilities.
  • They use guilt-tripping and blame-shifting to make others feel responsible for their own actions.
  • They use pressure tactics, such as deadlines and ultimatums, to force others to comply with their demands.
  • They use gaslighting techniques to make others doubt their own perceptions and memories.
  • They often have a strong sense of entitlement and expect special treatment.

6 Tips For Dealing With Manipulators (That Actually Work)

#1 Use the Grey Rock Method

The first tip for dealing with manipulators is called the Grey Rock method. Barb Schmidt and Michelle Maros, co-hosts of the Barb Knows Best podcast, explain that this simply means “being as unresponsive and boring as a grey rock when you were with them.”

You should try to disengage emotionally from their drama and keep your replies short. Don’t commit to being part of the discussion. In fact, Schmidt encourages you to “avoid discussing other people or anything personal.”

Use small talk instead, such as the weather, what you’re having for dinner, or plans for the weekend. Don’t give them any information that may arm them and which they could use against you later.

As long as you don’t give the manipulator the attention they crave, they’ll get bored of you.

#2  Ignore Everything They Do and Say

If possible, try to ignore the manipulator entirely. They will often try to control or exploit the situation for their own gain rather than considering the well-being of others.

Knowing their tactics and not engaging with them can help protect yourself from being manipulated.

#3 Don’t Ask For Permission

Asking for permission from a manipulator may give them a sense of power over you, making it easier for them to control you.

Taking ownership of your decisions and actions is essential rather than seeking approval.

Standing up for yourself and your opinions will make it harder for the manipulator to control you. It will also empower you to make the best decisions for yourself.

#4 Don’t Compromise

Compromise is usually seen as a good thing and can often make you feel like you have a sense of control.

However, compromising with a manipulator can often be a trap. Manipulators will continue to push for more until you have lost all your power.

By refusing to compromise and standing up for yourself, you can regain control of the situation and avoid being persuaded to do something you don’t want to do.

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#5  Trust Your Own Judgment

It is crucial to trust your own judgment when dealing with manipulators, as they may try to manipulate your thoughts and emotions to suit their own agenda.

Trusting your instincts and staying true to your values and beliefs is the best way to avoid succumbing to their manipulative ways.

#6 Don’t Try To Fit In

Trying to fit in with the manipulator’s demands or expectations may put you in a vulnerable position, giving them leverage over you.

Maintaining your identity and boundaries is essential when dealing with manipulators instead of conforming to their wishes.

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